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Kick-off meeting in Ankara
15-04-02 15:56

Minutes of the Kick-off meeting

Ankara, TURKEY, 26 - 27 February 2015

  The first project coordination meeting for APPS project was organized at ASELSAN Macunkoy Premises in Ankara, Turkey. ASELSAN, SRDC, NANOBIZ, Otonom Teknoloji, Siqura, Thales, ViNotion, Eindhoven University of Technology, GMT, Turkish Coast Guard, General Directorate for Regulation of Maritime and Inland Waters were present at the meeting. Company introductions and contributions in every work packages are explained and summarized by each project partner. Addition to this, roadmap of 3 years project was discussed.  

I.       3.1 Day 1 – Company Presentations and Work Package Contributions

First day started with the welcome speech and the meeting agenda was presented by ASELSAN. After that the roll call was performed. According to the agenda in the first day, the company presentations were made till noon.

After lunch, partners started to explain their responsibilities in the project. ASELSAN presented project overview first. In project overview, the current funding status of consortiums, list of dropping partners, involvement of partners in work packages were given. Moreover, each work packages were briefly explained. ASELSAN stated that WP6 will be extracted by first CR since responsible partner left the project. In original proposal, WP2 and WP3 used to be led by Thales R&T and Pegasus R&T respectively. Since French and Canadian partners are not in the project, ASELSAN asked to other WP contributors to take leadership of those work packages. After completing project overview, ASELSAN presented their contributions in project.

After ASELSAN's presentation, ViNotion presented their tasks in the project. ViNotion also presented slides on behalf of Microflown which are mainly on acoustic vector sensors.  Later on, GMT, Thales, SRDC and Siqura presented their plans for APPS Project.


II.     3.2 Day 2 - Work Package Presentations & Discussions

Second day was started with NANOBIZ work package presentation. After NANOBIZ, Eindhoven University of Technology explained their roles and responsibilities in project. With this presentation, WP session was completed.

After break, ASELSAN explained road map and upcoming milestones of the project. During presentation, PCA signature process, owning leadership of the WP2 and WP3, next coordination meeting time and location were discussed within project partners. Following items were concluded.

-      SRDC takes leadership of WP3. Thales will consider taking leadership of WP2.

-      The next coordination meeting will be hosted by Thales in Netherlands in September or October. The exact meeting dates will be determined by using Doodle poll. 

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