WP2. Requirements Specification


   This work package aims to elicit and formalize the stakeholder needs and priorities and to identify requirements related to human factors and legal constraints and rules of engagement. A state-of-the-art of the relevant technologies will be reviewed early in the project. The work package will later focus on developing the requirements for the use cases of the APPS system.


Task 2.1 State of The Art Technologies for APPS Technical Objective

   This task is responsible for the overall State of The Art (SoTA) for APPS Technical Objectives. This tasks includes:

   • SoTA of plug and play surveillance

   • SoTA of smart surveillance technologies

   • SoTA of existing visualizations frameworks.

   • SoTA of existing maritime communication protocols.

   • SoTA of existing Natural Language Processing technologies.


Task 2.2 APPS Requirement Analysis

 Within the scope of this task, the requirements will be analysed for the technical capabilities and the system requirements will be defined. As a result of this task, a Requirements Specification Document will be provided. The Requirements Specification Document will guide the project in all phases, specifically the design phase.


Task 2.3 Stakeholder Requirements and Priorities

In this task, the end user requirements will be defined by the participating end users according to application domains and the technical requirements documented as a result of Task 22 will be prioritized according to application domains.


Task 2.4 APPS System Design

   In this task, based on the results of Task 2.2 and Task 2.3, the conceptual design of APPS architecture will be finalized. As a result of this task, the interfaces between system components and the tasks of each component will be defined.