WP1. Management



 This work package, undertaken by the Project Coordinator with the assistance of the Steering Committee, aims to ensure proper execution of the overall project plan and to mitigate risks when identified in close cooperation with the other APPS consortium members, as well as to involve and involve (international) public authorities. The steering committee will consist of the Project Coordinator who chairs the Steering Committee, one Management Representative from each partner and the Coordinators of the End-User Advisory Boards. Each work package will have a leader that will coordinate work package tasks while keeping the Steering Committee informed of the progress.

   WP 1 addresses the management of the interfaces of the APPS consortium, both from the administrative/ procedural part of the project and reporting technical progress.


Task 1.1 Project management

  In this task, the meetings will be organized for kick-off at the beginning of the project, review at end of each reporting period and at end of the project lifetime, where consortium members and public authorities’ members attend.  The management of possible conflicts by application of the foreseen procedures and constantly co-operating with the project’s scientific and technical management is within the scope of this task.


Task 1.2 Reporting

  This task covers the timely delivery of all deliverables and periodic progress reports. This task also includes execution of the APPS Consortium Agreement, formulating propositions for possible modifications of the work plan.