Tellence Technologies SRL


Tellence Technologies SRL (TTS), is a Romanian based SME company with a mother company in Israel, the company is developing technology that enables live wireless high-quality multimedia transmissions from the field to any location. Our systems use any existing wired and wireless technology including cellular data streams, WiMAX and Wi-Fi hotspots, overcoming the inherent bandwidth limitations and fluctuations of these networks. Our main applications for the security market is delivering live video with high quality from anywhere and anytime over multiple accee networks. We are developing a solution for fast deployment, vehicles and man carried, that will integrate number of cameras and wireless links for mobile surveillance applications, our line of products are already used by defense forces including boarder defence. In this proposal we intend to develop a communication solution over adhoc as well as other private and public network, to allow any type of connectivity between endpoints with a robust manner. We will also work on video optimization to allow the control centre to receive video with high quality.

TTS has a group of experts in the field of portable and mobile device developments and algorithms developments for including video and wireless communication systems. TTS has experience in European projects:

MARCH: Celtic project for multi-link architecture

ENVISION: FP7 project, deals with collaboration between P2P overlay applications and network providers.

MEDIEVAL: FP7 project, deals with enhanced wireless systems to meet with video requirements.