Prodevelop (www.prodevelop.es) is an SME employing 80 engineers most of them computing, telecommunication, industrial and cartography engineers, located in Valencia and Barcelona, Spain. Prodevelop has 20 years of experience in offering IT solutions to the maritime sector. A wide range of products can be deployed to Port Authorities and Port Communities. Prodevelop is a leader in Spain at providing PMS (Port Management Systems) and PCS (Port Community Systems). It also provides a wide range of security products like Emergency Management System and accident simulations, General Administration of Information from Aids to Navigation, and CMMS (Computer-aided Maintenance Management Systems). PRODEVELOP is currently working with the three main Port Authorities of Spain (Valencia, Barcelona, and Algeciras) by deploying new products based on cutting-edge technologies. 

PRODEVELOP is specialized in consulting, development, deploying, and operating geospatial solutions based on free and open-source software. Our services are end-solution oriented. Instead of selling off-the-shelf products, we integrate existing solutions based on standards, and adapt them to specific requirements of every project. The success in our projects is based on the acquired experience throughout 20 years in geospatial industry, and the collaboration with the main developers groups in the world. In addition to GIS (geographic information system) solutions, mainly based on FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geoinformatics), PRODEVELOP is partner of OpenGeo and offers corporative solutions for web mapping platforms through a complete, OGC standards-compliant suite of powerful, cutting-edge, open-source geospatial components.

Research lines at PRODEVELOP include mobile mapping, interoperability of sensor systems through SWE (sensor web enablement), geoprocessing services, embedded software, geospatial technologies in mobile, desktop, Web and service environments, and systems modelling. The company presents an expertise in related ITEA2 research projects (SITAC, WoO, SEMOSA, OSAmI, IMPONET), technologies (like SWE) and modelling tools (Eclipse frameworks, MOSKitt, ITEA2 usiXML).