Nunsys is a company with HQ based on Valencia (Spain). The company is specialized in integral IT solutions including a security portfolio fully complemented by a broad offer of products and services: IT systems, networking, software and telecommunications. Nunsys capacity to act as a system integrator in all kind of IT projects is enriched by the approach to offer full managed services to the client. In these terms, Nunsys works closely to the client organization and even participates in the organization quality internal processes affecting decisions as those related with security issues. This is made possible through Nunsys offer of quality management systems consultancy, including ISO20000 and ISO27000 standards. Additionally to an optimal market access, Nunsys has a professional staff of more than 140 people including over 80 engineers at different IT areas. This structure has allowed Nunsys to permanently count with an R&D department that works continually in the opportunities detected at the market, looking for satisfying customer innovation needs. This provides the capacity to go further exploiting the results of this project for the customization of market demanded solutions from the R&D products.