NGARO Intelligent Solutions, S.L.


Ngaro Intelligent Solutions S.L. is a company specialized in the development, installation, distribution and marketing of high-features electronic security and control systems, based on infrared vision, focused on protecting infrastructures, installations, processes and persons against terrorism, robbery, fire, accident or any other kind of generic or specific menace.
In Ngaro we are convinced about the technological superiority infrared vision holds over conventional vision when applied to any top-level surveillance and control system which may require morphological recognition of generic targets. We also understand that thermal-based surveillance and control systems require an automation of the processes of observation, analysis, detection, tracking and event management in order to obtain the best performance of this technology. 
Our mission is to develop advanced surveillance and control solutions which satisfy the client’s needs in an efficient way, in a wide range of operative contexts, and supply them to integrators and installers.
The products of Ngaro are the consequence of more than ten years of experience on the fields of telecommunications, integration of systems, analysis and control of infrared sensors, GIS and real-time software development. In Ngaro we design our solutions in close collaboration with national safety forces, private and industrial security companies, fire departments, entities for the preservation of nature reserves and public safety forces.
Our strategy for getting to the client acts through system integrators and installers. This way, Ngaro keeps a policy of development and maintenance of stable collaboration relationships with agents of consolidated position on the several markets in which we operate.