Instituto Tecnologico de Informatica


ITI is a Private Technological Centre specialized in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Research, Development and Innovation. It has a team of 150 technologists, which develop their research activity in three main areas, Computer Science (Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision, Operations Research, Distributed Systems, Ambient Intelligence and Cloud Computing), Hardware and Communications (Communications, Sensor Networks, Embedded Systems) and Software Engineering (Software Quality, Software Architectures and Development). ITI is member of national and European structures and associations related to the definition of research strategies in different domains such as INTERPOP-VLab, INES, NESSI, ARTEMIS or Net!Works.

Specific skills for ITI could be:

  • On context-aware computing area, different context modelling techniques have been applied to real world projects and a general-purpose ambient intelligence middleware platform – MobiWare - has been developed. ITI is also applying this knowledge in ORIGIN project (Orchestration of Renewable Integrated Generation in Neighbourhoods).

  • On interoperability, dependability and Reference Platforms area, ITI has generated new knowledge, methods and software tools for increasing the efficiency in processes where heterogeneous systems have to interact. Thus ITI has a huge expertise on SOA orientation (WS, Rest, XML and BPMS technologies). In this way can be highlighted ITI participation in REMPLANET project (REsilient Multi-Plants NETwork European) and in INTEROP-VLab, with special interest on the Manufacturing Enterprise Interoperability area. In 2013 ITI is launching FLEXINET European project.

  • On smart image analysis, ITI has been working on R&D in Image Processing, Analysis and Recognition, and Computer Vision. Thus, ITI has intensively worked on Facial Biometrics and Industrial Inspection, covering from hardware design and integration to software development. 

Tasks in the project:

  • Research in publish/subscribe Architecture for Plug & Play System

  • Research in pattern recognition in 3D images for detection of suspicious activities

  • Dissemination