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 GMT was founded in 2002 in order to develop AIS Systems and Integrated Surveillance Data Center(called GICOMS) for the Korean government. Nowadays, GICOMS is used as the National Data Integration system using various data regarding maritime safety & security. GMT has been working with several government organizations concerning monitoring and surveillance systems ever since 2002
  GMT is committed to develop Navigation Systems based on Electronic Charts in the Windows open architecture environment. GMT's strength is derived from an engineering team with decades of experience in the location based service industry. GMT maintains a commitment to the design and implementation of a mutually compatible ensemble of surveillance & monitoring products. With the emergence of solid specifications from marine governing bodies, GMT stands poised with the marine experience and technical know-how to develop digital surveillance & navigation applications for the world. 
  GMT built strong relationships with our customers by learning their requirements and adding the necessary utility to our product line. Our products include a strong list of features and acts as a stable base for adding customized functionality in safety & security domain.

                            GMT’s Areas of Expertise



GMT has expertise in 

Digital communication
Hybrid Solution


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     WP 4 

     · Establishment of the ship’s IoT sensor platform

     · Development of a sensor interface device

     · optimal safety route planning algorithms

     · Access detection/monitoring to prohibited area using AIS-ASM

     · Route management for SAR Aircraft via AIS communication 

     WP 5 

     · Study on S-10x standard

     · Development of future electronic navigational chart system

     · Development of web service for marine safety information

     · Development of mobile application

     WP 7 

     · Study on SQA

     · Development of demonstration / validation scenarios

     · Establishment of validation environment

     · Performance evaluation at user sites and demonstration

     WP 8 

     · Development of a project website

     · Produce papers or scientific publication