Microflown Maritime from the Netherlands develops and markets maritime surveillance applications based upon the Microflown sensor. 3D acoustic situational awareness is provided by detecting, localizing, tracking and classifying a variety sound sources in the air, at the water surface, and underwater.

Within APPS, all-weather surveillance naval applications are developed as an alternative solution for e.g. radar for measuring cooperative and non-cooperative vessels. The position information obtained can be used directly, or to steer camera systems. In air, the sensor is installed on various floating platforms such as buoys and large or small vessels. Underwater, an adapted version of the Microflown sensor, called the Hydroflown is used.




Microflown Maritime has expertise in

A unique Microflown vector sensor for applications above and below waster and involved signal processing


  • Requirement specifications for new maritime applications (military & civil). Defining features needed interfacing with camera systems.

WP 4

  • Development of novel algorithms to detect, locate and track small vessels.

  • Development of suitable packagings for the in air AVS to resist salty water(IP x6, IP x7, and IP x8)

  • Development of the Hydroflown, the underwater version of the AVS



  • 360 degrees visualization of fused data from sensors above and under water.

  • Supplying acoustic sensor data to camera based systems.


  • Validation of scenarios with cooperative and non-cooperative vessels by sea bottom mounted system and a buoy system.

WP 8

  • Present papers and exhibit at international conferences.

  • Organize workshop and demonstration in Rotterdam.

  • Development of the new website www.microflown-maritime.com

  • Search involvement with other system integrators to open up new market.

  • Segments in the maritime sector.