ViNotion BV


ViNotion is specialized in intelligent image interpretation in videos for the recognition of objects, with applications in video surveillance and people counting. These autonomous computer systems are based on video analysis technology by pattern recognition and machine learning. Next to standard products, ViNotion also develops custom-made solutions. These vary from software libraries, integratable in existing solutions, to complete systems including the hardware platform.

                     ViNotion's Areas of Expertise


ViNotion has expertise in

People counting 

Crowd analysis

Mobility Measurement

Traffic monitoring

Change detection

Object recognition technology





                                 ViNotion in APPS



     WP 1 

     · Coordination of the Dutch consortium

     WP 2 

    · Requirement specification for vessel detection and tracking algorithms using EO/IR sensors

    · This will be performed in cooperation with the Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands

     WP 4  

    · Detection, tracking and classification of vessels using EO/IR sensors(cameras using visual light).

     WP 7 

    · Integration of the detections from IR analytics with the classification with the EO cameras.

    · Contact with the leading customer (Rotterdam Port Authority)

    · Coordination of validation and demonstration in this main port of Europe.

    WP 8 

         · Development of a business plan and exploitation plan.

         · Publish on leading international conferences.