Siqura B.V.


Siqura is a global supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions. Siqura provide a full range of network products based on open technology. Siqura solutions offer a perfect blend of ease of use and processing power, enabling end users to optimise the effectiveness of their surveillance systems while reducing the total cost of ownership. Siqura's mission is 'To bring uncomplicated clarity to the men and women watching over our safety.' Siqura helps the men and women watching over our safety in making error-free decisions during mission-critical situations. Siqura believe that uncomplicated clarity in video surveillance can truly contribute to a superior response and thus to a safer society for all.

   In 2011 Siqura became part of TKH Security Solutions, a division of the TKH Group. The TKH Security Solutions portfolio consists of a wide range of products for video transmission, video content analysis, video management, intercom, access control and central control room surveillance. TKH Security Solutions has its corporate headquarters in the Netherlands, with a central branch office in the United States. Siqura has sales and support offices in the United States, Europe, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and China. 



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       WP 4 

       · Provision of a solution for highly accurate intrusion detection

       · Improvement of video analysis engine designed for edge devices

       WP 7 

       · Evaluation of the developed video-analysis algorithms

       WP 8 

       · Dissemination of the results of the project to conferences or journal