Turkish Coast Guard


Turkish Coast Guard Command was constituted in 1982 as an independent enforcement, multi-missioned maritime service, under the Coast Guard Act in order to protect maritime and other national interests in the maritime areas of Turkey. The Coast Guard functions are under the control of Ministry of Interior. The Coast Guard is the principal agency for the enforcement of provisions of all national laws in force regarding the maritime areas. The Turkish Coast Guard has four fundamental roles:

  • · Maritime security consists of protecting Turkey’s maritime areas, strategic installations and the Turkish Straits from all intrusions. Related activities are: halting the flow of illegal drugs, illegal migrants, and contraband into Turkey through maritime routes, preventing illegal fishing and enforcement of Turkish law in the maritime areas.

  • · Maritime safety consists of eliminating deaths, injuries, and property damage associated with maritime transportation, fishing, and recreational boating and coordinating and conducting Search and Rescue missions at sea within the Turkish Search and Rescue Region.

  • · Protection of the historical and archaeological submerged state properties and national resources consists of eliminating environmental damage and the degradation of natural resources associated with maritime transportation, fishing, and recreational boating.

  • · National defence is Coast Guard’s participation in the country’s defence as one of the five Turkish Armed Forces. Main objective is to enhance regional stability in support of the national security strategy utilizing the Coast Guard’s unique and relevant maritime capabilities.

  The Turkish Coast Guard co-operates closely with other authorities and organizations both on national and international level within the framework of its missions in accordance with 50 different laws and acts, such as environment, maritime pollution, fishing, search and rescue and anti-smuggling.