Otonom Teknoloji

Otonom Teknoloji is an engineering and technology company focused on unmanned systems. Founded by a core team with 20+ years of experience in Aerospace and Defense industry, Otonom Teknoloji is working on digital communications, sensor data processing, navigation, command & control, and smart power management for unmanned systems. Otonom Teknoloji differentiates itself by focusing on unmanned lighter-than-air technology solutions where it develops state-of-the-art technology for contemporary public and environmental safety problems.


Otonom Teknoloji’s Areas of Expertise


Otonom Teknoloji has expertise in 

Aerostat and Airship System Design, Production and Integration.

Unmanned and Autonomous System Design, Development and Integration.

Embedded system and Software Design and Development.



Otonom Teknoloji in APPS

Otonom Teknoloji will contribute to APPS with an Aerostat platform with the following tasks:




  • · Requirement specification for plug & play surveillance architecture


  • · Analysis of sensor models


  • · Implementing the specified interoperability layers. 
  • · Data collection on the test harbour by Aerostat system and download data to the surveillance systems using the defined communication and network protocol