Software Research and Development Centre, SRDC, (http://www.srdc.com.tr) is a Middle East Technical University spin-off company and is located at the University’s techno park. SRDC is established with the goal of transferring the scientific know how developed at the university to the dynamic and expanding Turkish economy. The company has extensive expertise in large scale software development, semantic web, Internet technologies and interoperability. SRDC team has realized a part of the prototype for AWACS Man-Machine Interface Prototype for NATO Mid-Term Modernization Programme in cooperation with Gallium Software Inc. (Canada); developed a healthcare information system which has been successfully commercialized in Turkey. SRDC team has successfully completed several European Commission supported projects, including, INCO-DC 97 2496 MARIFlow project (as a scientific and technical coordinator of the project) and IST-1999-20216 LEVER (as a subcontractor), IST-2000-26429 HERMES project 8 (as the scientific and technical coordinator) , IST-2000-31050 Agent Academy (as a partner), IST-2000-31046 HUMANTEC (as a partner), IST-1-002104-STP SATINE (as coordinator), IST-1-002103-ST Artemis (as coordinator) and IST-027065-RIDE (as coordinator).



SRDC's Areas of Expertise


SRDC has extensive expertise in

Large-scale software development

Interoperability standards and enabling technologies

Semantic Web technologies

Interoperability solutions for e-Health, e-Government and e-Business domains

Data analysis



Mobile application development






         WP 3

        · Sensor Data Models and Interoperability Profiles

        · Interoperability Services

         WP 8

        · Publication of the results at international conferences 

        · Contributing to international standards