ASELSAN (http://www.aselsan.com.tr) is the largest electronics integrator in Turkey in terms of both revenue and employee headcount. The company serves the defense and homeland security markets and generates revenues in excess of €400 million annually. It has over 4500 employees, 2602 of which are full-time R&D engineers. ASELSAN has a wide range of products such as electro-optic systems, navigation and guidance systems, communication devices, radar systems and command and control systems, which it spends about 7% of its revenues on R&D for. The company is taking part in the TALOS (Transportable Autonomous Patrol for Land Border Surveillance System) project, an integration project funded in the first call of FP7 Security. The company has 5 business units. This proposal is prepared by UGES business unit mainly focuses on energy, security, automation, transportation domains. UGES has almost 300 employees including 150 R&D engineers.  The company has developed numerous comprehensive maritime surveillance systems such as Istanbul and Canakkale Straits Maritime Surveillance Systems and Georgia Supsa Port Surveillance System, RECONSURVE and so on.


ASELSAN’s Areas of Expertise


ASELSAN has expertise in 
Communication information technologies
Microelectronics guidance & electro-optics
Radar electronic warfare 
Defense systems technologies
Transportation security energy & automation




Sensor Interoperability.png

<Sensor Interoperability Layer>



    WP 1  

    · Identify and track project risks, perform risk responses activities

    · Collect and consolidate project evaluations and create PPR document

    · Provide information sharing between project partners

    · Manage project time and deliverables

    · Communicate project stakeholders

    WP 2  

    · Identify user requirements and prioritize them

    · Create system requirements

    · System design

    WP 3  

    · Plug and play surveillance architecture service profiles

    · Sensor data models and profiles

    · Integrate plug and play interoperability layer to VATOZ C2 system

    WP 4 

    · Gimbal modification to synchronize inertial data of camera 

    · Processing raw images

    · Enriching vessel image database

    WP 7  

    · Integrating system components

    · Developing validation and demonstration test scenarios

    · Setting up system to demonstration site

    · Demonstration APPS system

    WP 8 

    · Submit at least 2 patent applications to PCT