Project Partners



http://www.aselsan.com.tr) is the largest electronics integrator in Turkey in terms of both revenue and employee headcount. The company serves the defense and homeland security markets and generates revenues in excess of €400 million annually. It has over 4500 employees, 2602 of which are full-time R&D engineers. ASELSAN has a wide range of products such as electro-optic systems, navigation and guidance systems, communication devices, radar systems and command and control systems, which it spends about 7% of its revenues on R&D for. The company is taking part in the TALOS (Transportable Autonomous Patrol for Land Border Surveillance System) project, an integration project funded in the first call of FP7 Security. The company has 5 business units. This proposal is prepared by UGES business unit mainly focuses on energy, security, automation, transportation domains. UGES has almost 300 employees including 150 R&D engineers.  The company has developed numerous comprehensive maritime surveillance systems such as Istanbul and Canakkale Straits Maritime Surveillance Systems and Georgia Supsa Port Surveillance System, RECONSURVE and so on.

Software Research and Development Centre, SRDC, (
http://www.srdc.com.tr) is a Middle East Technical University spin-off company and is located at the University’s techno park. SRDC is established with the goal of transferring the scientific know how developed at the university to the dynamic and expanding Turkish economy.
The company has extensive expertise in large scale software development, semantic web, Internet technologies and interoperability. SRDC team has realized a part of the prototype for AWACS Man-Machine Interface Prototype for NATO Mid-Term Modernization Programme in cooperation with Gallium Software Inc. (Canada); developed a healthcare information system which has been successfully commercialized in Turkey. SRDC team has successfully completed several European Commission supported projects, including, INCO-DC 97 2496 MARIFlow project (as a scientific and technical coordinator of the project) and IST-1999-20216 LEVER (as a subcontractor), IST-2000-26429 HERMES project 8 (as the scientific and technical coordinator) , IST-2000-31050 Agent Academy (as a partner), IST-2000-31046 HUMANTEC (as a partner), IST-1-002104-STP SATINE (as coordinator), IST-1-002103-ST Artemis (as coordinator) and IST-027065-RIDE (as coordinator).

 Turkish Coast Guard
Turkish Coast Guard Command was constituted in 1982 as an independent enforcement, multi-missioned maritime service, under the Coast Guard Act in order to protect maritime and other national interests in the maritime areas of Turkey.
The Coast Guard functions are under the control of Ministry of Interior. The Coast Guard is the principal agency for the enforcement of provisions of all national laws in force regarding the maritime areas.
The Turkish Coast Guard co-operates closely with other authorities and organizations both on national and international level within the framework of its missions in accordance with 50 different laws and acts, such as environment, maritime pollution, fishing, search and rescue and anti-smuggling.

 Otonom Teknoloji
Otonom Teknoloji is an engineering and technology company focused on unmanned systems, founded by a core team with 20+ years of experience in Aerospace and Defense industry. Working on digital communications, sensor data processing, navigation, command & control, and smart power management for unmanned systems. Otonom Teknoloji's mission is 'To design, produce and specialize on autonomous systems for a better world' and vision is 'Becoming the leader organization in autonomous systems.'

NANObiz Nano-Bio Technological Systems Education IT Consultancy R&D Limited is a technology company originated from the Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara Turkey. Our company was established in September 2006, and is located in the METU Research Park. We maintain ISO 9001:2008 certification.

With operations in 50 countries and 68,000 employees, Thales is a world leader in mission-critical information systems for defence and security, aerospace and transportation. Building on its expertise in the most sophisticated technologies and large-scale software systems, Thales is stepping up to the security challenges of its customers in an increasingly complex world. With its global network of 22,500 high-level researchers, Thales has earned particular recognition for its ability to develop and deploy dual civil and military technologies. Leveraging its international operations and spanning the entire value chain from equipment to systems and services, Thales is playing a pivotal role in making the world a safer place.

 Eindhoven University of Technology
The Eindhoven University of Technology is a university of technology located in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Its motto is Mens agitat molem (The mind brings matter into motion). The university was the second of its kind in the Netherlands, only Delft University of Technology existed previously. Until mid-1980 it was known as the Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven (abbr. THE). In 2011 QS World University Rankings placed Eindhoven at 146th internationally, but 61st globally for Engineering & IT. Furthermore, in 2011 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) rankings, TU/e was placed at the 52-75 bucket internationally in Engineering/Technology and Computer Science (ENG) category and at 34th place internationally in the field of Computer Science. In 2003 a European Commission report ranked TU/e at third place among all European research universities (after Cambridge and Oxford and at equal rank with TU Munich), thus making it the highest ranked Technical University in Europe.

 Microflown AVISA
Microflown AVISA from the Netherlands develops and markets surveillance applications on land and in air based upon its proprietary MEMS acoustic vector sensor called the Microflown. A complete 3D acoustic situational awareness is provided by detecting, localising and classifying the full range of audible battlefield threats, such as Small Arms Fire, Rockets/Artillery/Mortars, and engine driven platforms (helicopters, planes, UAVs, boats and ground vehicles).
Within APPS, all-weather surveillance in-air applications are developed as an alternative solution for e.g. radar. The focus is on detecting, tracking and classifying of both cooperative and non-cooperative vessels using acoustic vector sensors on land and on a UAV. The position information can be used directly, or to steer camera systems.

 Microflown Maritime
Microflown Maritime from the Netherlands develops and markets maritime surveillance applications based upon the Microflown sensor. 3D acoustic situational awareness is provided by detecting, localizing, tracking and classifying a variety sound sources in the air, at the water surface, and underwater.
Within APPS, all-weather surveillance naval applications are developed as an alternative solution for e.g. radar for measuring cooperative and non-cooperative vessels. The position information obtained can be used directly, or to steer camera systems. In air, the sensor is installed on various floating platforms such as buoys and large or small vessels. Underwater, an adapted version of the Microflown sensor, called the Hydroflown is used.

Siqura is a global supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions. Siqura provide a full range of network products based on open technology. Siqura solutions offer a perfect blend of ease of use and processing power, enabling end users to optimise the effectiveness of their surveillance systems while reducing the total cost of ownership. Siqura's mission is 'To bring uncomplicated clarity to the men and women watching over our safety.' Siqura helps the men and women watching over our safety in making error-free decisions during mission-critical situations. Siqura believe that uncomplicated clarity in video surveillance can truly contribute to a superior response and thus to a safer society for all.
In 2011 Siqura became part of TKH Security Solutions, a division of the TKH Group. The TKH Security Solutions portfolio consists of a wide range of products for video transmission, video content analysis, video management, intercom, access control and central control room surveillance. TKH Security Solutions has its corporate headquarters in the Netherlands, with a central branch office in the United States. Siqura has sales and support offices in the United States, Europe, the United Arab Emirates, Sinapore and China.

ViNotion is specialized in intelligent image interpretation in videos for the recognition of objects, with applications in video surveillance and people counting. These autonomous computer systems are based on video analysis technology by pattern recognition and machine learning. Next to standard products, ViNotion also develops custom-made solutions. These vary from software libraries, integratable in existing solutions, to complete systems including the hardware platform.

GMT was founded in 2002 in order to develop AIS Systems and Integrated Surveillance Data Center(called GICOMS) for the Korean government. Nowadays, GICOMS is used as the National Data Integration system using various data regarding maritime safety & security. GMT has been working with several government organizations concerning monitoring and surveillance systems ever since 2002.
GMT is committed to develop Navigation Systems based on Electronic Charts in the Windows open architecture environment. GMT's strength is derived from an engineering team with decades of experience in the location based service industry. GMT maintains a commitment to the design and implementation of a mutually compatible ensemble of surveillance & monitoring products. With the emergence of solid specifications from marine governing bodies, GMT stands poised with the marine experience and technical know-how to develop digital surveillance & navigation applications for the world.
GMT built strong relationships with our customers by learning their requirements and adding the necessary utility to our product line. Our products include a strong list of features and acts as a stable base for adding customized functionality in safety & security domain.

Prodevelop (
www.prodevelop.es) is an SME employing 80 engineers most of them computing, telecommunication, industrial and cartography engineers, located in Valencia and Barcelona, Spain. Prodevelop has 20 years of experience in offering IT solutions to the maritime sector. A wide range of products can be deployed to Port Authorities and Port Communities. Prodevelop is a leader in Spain at providing PMS (Port Management Systems) and PCS (Port Community Systems). It also provides a wide range of security products like Emergency Management System and accident simulations, General Administration of Information from Aids to Navigation, and CMMS (Computer-aided Maintenance Management Systems). PRODEVELOP is currently working with the three main Port Authorities of Spain (Valencia, Barcelona, and Algeciras) by deploying new products based on cutting-edge technologies.
PRODEVELOP is specialized in consulting, development, deploying, and operating geospatial solutions based on free and open-source software. Our services are end-solution oriented. Instead of selling off-the-shelf products, we integrate existing solutions based on standards, and adapt them to specific requirements of every project. The success in our projects is based on the acquired experience throughout 20 years in geospatial industry, and the collaboration with the main developers groups in the world. In addition to GIS (geographic information system) solutions, mainly based on FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geoinformatics), PRODEVELOP is partner of OpenGeo and offers corporative solutions for web mapping platforms through a complete, OGC standards-compliant suite of powerful, cutting-edge, open-source geospatial components.
Research lines at PRODEVELOP include mobile mapping, interoperability of sensor systems through SWE (sensor web enablement), geoprocessing services, embedded software, geospatial technologies in mobile, desktop, Web and service environments, and systems modelling. The company presents an expertise in related ITEA2 research projects (SITAC, WoO, SEMOSA, OSAmI, IMPONET), technologies (like SWE) and modelling tools (Eclipse frameworks, MOSKitt, ITEA2 usiXML).

 Instituto Technologico de Informatica
ITI is a Private Reference Technological Centre specialized in R&I in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). It was established in 1994 by a joint initiative of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), the Institute of Small and Medium Enterprises of Valencia (IMPIVA, now IVACE), and a group of companies in the IT sector. It has a team of 150 technologists (researchers and technicians), which develop their research activity in four main areas: i) Intelligent Information analysis (Pattern recognition, Context Awareness), ii) Future Internet (Cloud Computing, Software platforms, Interoperability, Smart Networks), iii) Cyber Physical Systems (Embedded Software, Real Time Systems, Mobile devices, Sensors) and iv) Enabling Technologies (Process Optimization, Computer Vision for Manufacturing), contributing to generate solutions for its three main Business Units: a) Intelligent manufacturing, b)Intelligent society and c) IT industry.
ITI is member of national and European structures and associations related to the definition of research strategies or initiatives in different domains. Among these associations and structures can be highlighted the following: INTERPOP-VLab (
http://www.interop-vlab.eu/). PLANETIC (http://www.planetic.es/), NESSI (http://www.nessi-europe.com/), the Big Data Value Association (http://www.bigdatavalue.eu) or ARTEMIS (http://www.artemis-ju.eu/).

 NGARO Intelligent Solutions, S. L.
Ngaro Intelligent Solutions S.L. is a company specialized in the development, installation, distribution and marketing of high-features electronic security and control systems, based on infrared vision, focused on protecting infrastructures, installations, processes and persons against terrorism, robbery, fire, accident or any other kind of generic or specific menace.
In Ngaro we are convinced about the technological superiority infrared vision holds over conventional vision when applied to any top-level surveillance and control system which may require morphological recognition of generic targets. We also understand that thermal-based surveillance and control systems require an automation of the processes of observation, analysis, detection, tracking and event management in order to obtain the best performance of this technology.
Our mission is to develop advanced surveillance and control solutions which satisfy the client’s needs in an efficient way, in a wide range of operative contexts, and supply them to integrators and installers.
The products of Ngaro are the consequence of more than ten years of experience on the fields of telecommunications, integration of systems, analysis and control of infrared sensors, GIS and real-time software development. In Ngaro we design our solutions in close collaboration with national safety forces, private and industrial security companies, fire departments, entities for the preservation of nature reserves and public safety forces.
Our strategy for getting to the client acts through system integrators and installers. This way, Ngaro keeps a policy of development and maintenance of stable collaboration relationships with agents of consolidated position on the several markets in which we operate.


Nunsys is a company with HQ based on Valencia (Spain). The company is specialized in integral IT solutions including a security portfolio fully complemented by a broad offer of products and services: IT systems, networking, software and telecommunications. Nunsys capacity to act as a system integrator in all kind of IT projects is enriched by the approach to offer full managed services to the client. In these terms, Nunsys works closely to the client organization and even participates in the organization quality internal processes affecting decisions as those related with security issues. This is made possible through Nunsys offer of quality management systems consultancy, including ISO20000 and ISO27000 standards. Additionally to an optimal market access, Nunsys has a professional staff of more than 140 people including over 80 engineers at different IT areas. This structure has allowed Nunsys to permanently count with an R&D department that works continually in the opportunities detected at the market, looking for satisfying customer innovation needs. This provides the capacity to go further exploiting the results of this project for the customization of market demanded solutions from the R&D products.

 Tellence Technologies SRL
Tellence Technologies SRL (TTS), is a Romanian based SME company with a mother company in Israel, the company is developing technology that enables live wireless high-quality multimedia transmissions from the field to any location. Our systems use any existing wired and wireless technology including cellular data streams, WiMAX and Wi-Fi hotspots, overcoming the inherent bandwidth limitations and fluctuations of these networks. Our main applications for the security market is delivering live video with high quality from anywhere and anytime over multiple accee networks. We are developing a solution for fast deployment, vehicles and man carried, that will integrate number of cameras and wireless links for mobile surveillance applications, our line of products are already used by defense forces including boarder defence. In this proposal we intend to develop a communication solution over adhoc as well as other private and public network, to allow any type of connectivity between endpoints with a robust manner. We will also work on video optimization to allow the control centre to receive video with high quality.